Critical Illness – Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke

Medicare parts A and B, respectively, will cover your hospital stays and doctor visits relating to cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. Some policies are as simple as large payments upon diagnosis. Others include annual payouts based on costs, even including loss of income, childcare, travel to facilities, home health care, rehabilitation/therapy, and any other out-of-pocket costs that Medicare does not cover.

Short Term Care

Short-term policies typically cover home care, assisted living and nursing homes when you can’t take care of yourself. But instead of paying for years of care, short-term care insurance, also known as recovery care, typically provides benefits for 12 months or less.

Hospital Indemnity

Ancillary hospital indemnity policies are the best, cheapest way to save your money in the event of an extended hospital stay. The average cost for one night in the hospital is between $1500-$3000. Your Medicare plan will help cover most of that, but not all, and does not include additional procedures and drugs.

Home Health Care

Home health care includes a wide range of health and social services delivered in your home to treat illness or injury. Services covered by Medicare’s home health benefit include intermittent skilled nursing care, therapy, and care provided by a home health aide. Depending on the circumstances, home health care will be covered by either Part A or Part B.

Dental, Vision, Hearing

Dental work, such as tooth extractions (whether related to a hospital stay or not), will not be covered. Nor will your eye doctor appointments, eyeglasses/contact lenses, or hearing aids. An ancillary dental, vision, or hearing plan will help you cover some of those costs.

Final Expense

Final expenses are any costs associated with funerals, burials, and sometimes medical bills for your hospice.  You can buy a final expense whole life plan, meaning the policy lasts for your entire life, or a final expense term life plan, which lasts for a set number of years.