Medicare Advantage PlansPart C

Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, is offered by private insurance companies. These plans cover health care costs the same way original Medicare covers them, and in many ways even better. They also offer other benefits and services that original Medicare will not cover. In many cases, these plans also include Part D coverage. Medicare Advantage replaces your Original Medicare. It is very important to note that you must continue to pay your Part B premium throughout the life of the policy.


As a note, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans do not work together. If you have a Medicare Supplement and you are purchasing a Medicare Advantage policy, you will want to cancel you Supplement when the Advantage plan is in force.


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Medicare Supplement (or Medigap) Policies

These policies are offered by private insurance companies to work with your Original Medicare. Whereas Medicare Advantage replaces your Original Medicare, Medigap policies supplement your Original Medicare. For example, when a medical event occurs, Medicare looks at your bill and pays for part of the coverage. The rest of the bill is sent to your Medigap plan and they pay a portion or all. If there are any remaining charges, then you pay them. All Medigap policies are standardized by the government. That means that no matter what carrier you buy from, the coverage will be the exact same. The most common plans we sell are Plan G, N, and F. When shopping for a Medigap plan, it is important to compare the rates the carrier offers and the star rating of the carrier.


There is only one time that you can sign up for a Medicare Supplement with no medical questions, all preexisting conditions covered, and guaranteed acceptance. That enrollment window is when you enroll in Part B and the six months that follow. If you miss your initial window to enroll then you will be subject to medical underwriting.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Medicare Advantage (Part C)
Keep your Parts A and B and add supplemental insurance to theses coverages Continue to pay for Part B, however Medicare advantage replaces A and B
Covers some or all costs not covered by Part A and B Replaces Part A and B with Part C
Does not cover dental, vision, hearing, long term care Additional benefits are available such as dental, vision, and hearing
Prescriptions not included Most plans have drug coverage built in.
Premiums generally more expensive Premiums are generally less and sometimes are $0
Choose any doctor, nationwide, that accepts Medicare It is important to stay within the plan’s network for coverage.